Michael Valentine Diary Of A Hitman

Reicko Antonio was raised in the Metropolitan area and graduated from DuVal High school. He attended Maryland University majoring in Microbiology. No matter what obstacles might have gotten in the way, Reicko always remained confident, positive and refused to become another statistic or a product of the environment. He’s first a husband and father of five children. Reicko enjoys writing. He refers to writing as the bridge that links our minds to our freedom. He’s always mindful of the reader when he’s writing. Reicko wants the reader to see what they read and feel what he’s written. He understands the best things can be accomplished when you love what you do and feel what you say. Reicko isn’t trying to change the world; he just wants to change the game. Reicko’s aim is to write stories that are realistic that everyone can relate to. He also enjoys coaching our young youth in football and teaching them to work as a team and aiding them to become the responsible successful adults of tomorrow. Reicko’s goal as a responsible adult has always been keeping our kids off the streets.

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