Michael Valentine Diary Of A Hitman

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                                          Donny pauses to replenish his glass with the fine cognac, and then he continues, “I’m going to tell you something I                               don’t just tell anyone. I lived in foster care most of my life until my eldest brother met up with this smooth cat in                                       South America, who turned our entire life around. I went from not knowing where I’d be living and how I would eat                                 to traveling the world, sampling exotic foods. I went from drinking forties of eight ball to drinking Cristal by the                                       case. There’s nothing like riding up Georgia Avenue sipping on chilled cold gold bottles.”

        Donny opens the door to the terrace and walks outside.

I follow and continue to give him my full attention as he speaks. “Nothing I’ve received was ever given to me. I                                       had to work hard for every dime. In four years, I built an empire for my entire family. We went from rags to riches                                 and are set for generations to come. We are the black Kennedy's just with a different twist.”

Hearing Donny comparing his family to the Kennedy's only encourages me to want to be affiliated with this elite                                   group of individuals.

He adds, “I have the politicians and the police in my pockets. It’s important to keep your friends close and keep                                   your politicians even closer. My best friends are senators and judges.”

I follow behind Donny as he walks back into the room and closes the terrace door.

He states, “Remember these five keys to success. Nothing that I do is personal. It’s always business.


1. Let nothing you do be guided by your emotions. Make sure your decisions and actions are necessary for                                             the prosperity of business.

2. No one can manage a business when they allow personal feelings to interfere.

3. I don’t care who else tries to tell you otherwise, I’m the boss of this family and what I say goes.

4. No one’s word is to override mine. I don’t care if the almighty speaks to you and tells you otherwise. My                                                 demands come first and are to be treated as gospel.

5. No matter what, never allow anyone to convince you that snitching is a good solution.” 

                                I’m amazed at how Donny remains smooth even when he’s serious about delivering precious jewels of                                                 wisdom.

He warns, “Snitches always end up in ditches or in the morgue with stitches. If you ever are arrested for                                                 anything, don’t say nothing until you talk to the family first and find out what my plans are for the situation. Nine                                     times out of ten, the problem can be resolved by spreading a little cash around. You look confused. Do you                                         understand?”

“Yes, I hear you” I answered fully attentive.

Donny sits his drink on the desk and lights a Cuban cigar.

He inhales, exhales, and begins talking, insisting, “There’s not a judge in this city I haven’t been able to bribe                                       yet. Last, but not least, is the most important rule of them all: If you ever fuck me over, I’ll make sure your legs are                                 crossed, and you’re in a bag before the grand jury is able to come back with an indictment. Trust me when I tell                                   you, rats have filled the morgues and holes all around the city and suburbs. There’s no body too large for a                                           shovel and lime. Now that you’ve been briefed on the dos and don’ts, I want to introduce you to my lieutenant,                                       Reicardo.”

It surprises me to hear Donny speaking about his business associates as if there’s a chain of command like the                                 military.

Donny explains, “Cardo is my nephew, and the second in charge. Most of my orders will come to you via him or                                   Pooch. You are never to speak to me directly unless directed by Cardo to do otherwise. Now run along, and go                                   take care of home I’ll call for you when I need you.”