Michael Valentine Diary Of A Hitman

Author Reicko Antonio marks his debut in the world of literature with the adrenaline-charged crime novel, Michael Valentine: Diary of a Hitman. In this intricately plotted work of fiction, Reicko propels readers on a savage journey alongside a man caught between deliverance and self-destruction.

Told in the perspective of the eponymous Michael Valentine, the story charts his transition from naïve Christian boy to a vicious contract killer hired by the largest crime families in the Metropolitan area and on the East Coast and, finally, a man consumed by an obsession with sex, blood and money.

After the death of his father, Michael’s life is irrevocably changed. He is forced to become the man of the house and when he accepts the offer to become a contract killer, he becomes enmeshed in a relentless cat and mouse game of power, a game where the rules are constantly changed and where the players are forced to gamble no matter what the personal cost.

Packed with action, cloak-and-dagger suspense and sexual intrigue, Michael Valentine: Diary of a Hitman is a rollercoaster ride into a labyrinthine world soaked in crime and violence and a glimpse into the lives of people either bound by or freed from the devastating bondage of such a place.

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About the Author

Reicko Antonio was raised in the Metropolitan area and graduated from DuVal High School. He attended Maryland University majoring in microbiology. He enjoys writing, referring to it as the bridge that links people’s minds to freedom. He also coaches youth football, an activity that is in line with his goal to keep children off the streets. Antonio is married and has five children.

Michael Valentine Diary of a Hitmanby Reicko Antonio