I look through the opening of the wicker closet door and see a tall slender white man speaking aloud to himself. There’s a light knock on the door. Sinclair asks, “Who are you?”

“I’m from the temp agency.”  

“Come in!”

A thick, tight-shaped beautiful redbone walks in. “Mr. Sinclair, I’m your new secretary, and I came in here to make sure I understand all of this job’s requirements.”

“Oh, is that so? You can start by filing those papers over there in the corner.”

He almost breaks his neck as he looks at his secretary bending over. I can’t blame him. Hell, I can see those long legs and that phat ass from all the way over here in this closet. She walks over and gets down on her knees underneath his desk and takes off Sinclair’s slacks. “You must be one of those full-service secretaries.”

“Oh, I aim to please and take care of your mind, body, and soul.” 

She’s got this guy going in circles over her oral presentation. He's  breathing hard moaning and  yelling, “My god, you black bitches know how to suck a white cock. Go ahead, get with this stallion, you fucking cunt.” I come out of the closet vengefully, while his eyes are closed as he enjoys the head . I take my knife and jam it through his throat and then I slit him from lobe to lobe. Poor bastard didn’t even have time to scream. I’m sure I severe an artery, looking at the dark blood squirting from his neck. it’s precise and smooth as a butcher’s cut.

I cover my hands with a pair of black nylon gloves so I can get a firm grasp of the chicken wire I take from my bag. I wrap the wire around his bloody neck and squeeze the remaining life out of him without remorse. “Damn, Nigga, you ruthless! Just give me the G you promised, so I can be out of this bloody mafucka.”

“I got your G."

I cock back and swing my fist and hit her with the hardest right hook ever thrown in my life, stretching her out across the rug. I grab a coat hanger out of the closet and twist and pull it around her neck until her eyes roll out of focus. For a minute, I grow an attraction looking at her well-stacked ass stretched across the rug. I think to myself, What a good fuck she would have made? A good accomplice, but she still had to go. Business is business, so right here and now I understand I can only trust myself. No witnesses and no snitches equals no jail time. I don’t have time to be counting nothing but hard cold cash.

I remove my gloves and use a towel to wipe the blood off my hands and face. After stripping, I grab my change of clothes out my bag and change outfits. I drag their bodies into the closet, douse the bodies, my clothing, gloves, and the towels with lighter fluid, and then I set the closet on fire.  I walk out of the office calmly, pull the fire alarm to the building, and exit the premises. I walk back to the subway and head for the house. My first account is officially closed. 

Killing this cat for money was different. I didn’t feel anything; it was just business. Things got a little messier than I planned. It might not have been exactly the way I envisioned it, but the job is done nevertheless.